7 At Home Self Care Day Ideas to Calm Anxiety

I’ve been incorporating an at home self care day at least once a week lately, especially given the current climate. Although I’m an introvert and enjoy staying home, I’ve been getting uneasy knowing I can’t move around much.

I’ve had anxiety issues lately, so now, more than ever, I’m all about self-care. Coping with uncertainties and stresses can be difficult but everyone deserves time to relax or doing things that make them feel great and calm. These ideas always give me some extra TLC.

Escape into a Book

I love reading. Escaping into another reality, learning different views, getting advice or gaining new information can expand your mind and bring different outlooks on life.

I’ve been reading a lot of fiction written by black women authors lately including Kiley Reid’s Such A Fun Age, Akwaeke Emezi’s Freshwater (this book is definitely on my top five recommendation list) and Oyinkan Braithwaite’s My Sister, the Serial Killer.

Instead of reading on my phone, I lower my screen time (which can cause anxiety) by reading hard copies. It gets rid of distractions and is less strenuous on my eyes. It’s a better way to fall asleep or just relax.

Create Your Own Spa Day

Turning your home into a spa can be a great at home self care day. My spa days include steaming my hair, Aztec clay mask facials and bubble baths with Epsom salt and lavender. I’m so relaxed afterward and my hair and skin feel amazing.

Not only is my hair steamer relaxing, but it has also been a game-changer in my hair care routine. I use it to refresh my hair between styles and when I’m deep conditioning. The steam always leaves it soft and makes my curls pop.

I also light candles when I’m soaking in the bath. I use a scent that compliments lavender like rose or vanilla. The aroma is always calming and I’m ready to chill or go to bed afterward.

Have a Photoshoot

Washing my hair is therapeutic for me (I know some naturals think I’m crazy). Sometimes after styling my hair I’ll put on makeup and a cute outfit just to take pictures in my apartment.

I set up my DSLR camera for my photos, but your phone is perfectly fine. Take selfies or set the timer and shoot away.

Sometimes you just need a confidence boost. What better way than to make yourself feel beautiful and capture it.


I just started doing yoga and I’m disappointed that I didn’t start sooner. Beginner Yoga can be so relaxing, especially using it to wind down from a HIIT or cardio workout.

When I follow workout videos (my favorites are Chloe Ting on YouTube and Brittne Babe on Instagram) I’ll search YouTube for a beginner-friendly yoga video. Sometimes I’ll just do yoga without a workout before to calm my mind and stretch.


Put your thoughts on paper! My mind gets cluttered often and when I’m able to sit down and write out my thoughts, it helps me focus.

I prefer handwriting everything and keeping a journal, but if you don’t want to use paper the notepad on your phone is a good place to type out your thoughts.

DIY Projects

I don’t do DIY projects often but when I do I really enjoy them. I’ve painted a canvas with my Wi-Fi password on it so guests can have access when they’re visiting and also hung up a shelf to place my camera and lenses that act as decor and storage space. I found both ideas on Pinterest (where I find everything).

Cook Your Favorite Food

So, I have an obsession with Gordon Ramsey shows and like to attempt to finesse my plating sometimes when I cook. I cook at home often, but because of the climate, I find myself cooking a lot more.

I try to create my version of a gourmet meal when I want to dine on a budget. What better way to love yourself than to feed your body a tasty meal? For me, it tastes even better knowing I put the time in to cook it. I’ll also please my palette by pairing my dish with delicious wine.

Wellness is important for not only your mind, but your body and soul. What are ways you take care of yourself?

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