Safe Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home while Social Distancing

A box of macarons decorated to celebrate mother's day

Amid the current climate, spending time with loved ones isn’t as easy as once before. There are still many uncertainties of when shelter in place orders will lift, when restaurants, parks and social settings will open and even when groups of families and friends can gather. This year, Mother’s Day will be different, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be celebrated. Social distancing may be in effect, but there are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home.

Zoom/FaceTime Meetings

If you’re unable to physically spend time with your mom this year, you can spend time with her virtually on Zoom or FaceTime. Zoom allows groups of people to video chat and instant message on their platform. You may not be able to share hugs, but you can still catch up, share memories, laugh and do whatever your family usually does, virtually.

Have a Movie Night with Netflix Party

Netflix Party syncs video playback of the movie you’re watching and adds a group chat. So, whenever you, your mom, family or friends want to share a laugh or comment on a scene, Netflix Party provides a way for everyone to chat while watching the film!

Activity Gift Boxes

If you want to do more than virtually chat, add an activity! Send your mom a gift box with a fun activity like a DIY candle making kit, a terrarium gift kit or a have a painting with a twist party with a personalized paint-by-numbers canvas.

Have a Game Day

There are plenty of multiplayer games you can play virtually with your mom! Video chat apps like House Party have games integrated into their platform, but many games have a digital version like Uno and Words With Friends (it’s pretty much Scrabble).

At-Home Spa Day Kit

There are plenty of spa day gift boxes you can buy on Etsy that your mom will like. You can also buy all of your spa day necessities and send them to her. Keep it simple by providing a face mask, bubble bath, Epsom salt, candles and maybe a nice bottle of champagne or her favorite drink.

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Write a Letter

Share how much you love your mom by putting it into words. Send her a handwritten letter of appreciation and wait for her heart to melt.

Send a Care Package

Collect all of your mom’s favorite items and send them to her. Grab her favorite snacks, candles, a book from her favorite author, her favorite wine, a gift card to her favorite store… the options are endless.

It’s still possible to celebrate Mother’s Day at home while social distancing. With the help of video chat platforms and resources to help keep loved ones engaged, the forced separation is a little easier to handle.

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