Your Freelance Writing Niche: 3 Industries Always Searching for Writers

Find Your Niche: 3 Industries Always Hiring Writers

You may find it difficult to find your freelance writing niche when starting out, but knowing what industries are usually hiring writers can help find it.

If your goal is to make a living or side business from writing, then you need to know where the demand is to be successful! Since becoming a full-time freelancer, I’ve learned that these three industries are ALWAYS searching for writers.

Finding a niche is helpful, but what’s even more helpful is finding a niche that sells.


Technology is continuously advancing meaning a plethora of content is always needed.

For those who want to jump into a freelance writing career with little to no experience, tech is the best industry to start your journey.

Think about it: tech EVERYWHERE and everyone owns some kind of it. You’re probably reading this on a smartphone that needs to be updated (I’m not judging). Apps, updates, and innovations are launching every day. That means someone needs to explain how it works and how it will affect its targeted audience. Guess where content writers come in?

Brands will hire freelancers for technical writing pieces, white papers, newsletters and more to get the information out.

Since technology and information are so accessible, it’s not difficult to start your writing career in this industry.

Research trends, educate yourself on how certain tech works and write some samples to add to your portfolio. Read articles and subscribe to newsletters to stay up to date with where tech industries are heading.

Once you find something you’re interested in like gaming, web development or AI, focus on those topics and develop your freelance writing niche!


The medical field has a strong demand for writers as well. During my client/project searches I usually find plenty of requests for medical-related content (especially now with the COVID-19 crisis).

This niche is harder to get into if you don’t have any medical experience, but nothing is impossible.

If the medical field is something you’d really like to write about you can do similar research mentioned previously to make it happen. It won’t hurt to get some hands-on experience as well by working or volunteering at a medical facility, taking classes or obtaining certificates.

You can build a portfolio in this or any field by writing your own content that hasn’t been published anywhere and post it on your blog or Medium page. You can also just write up a few articles and send them to potential clients in PDF format (when they ask for them of course).

Just make sure you look over your work. Editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor are very helpful.


The legal field may be something to consider if you’re interested in law.

Firms will hire writers in their marketing departments to share articles and breaking developments in their industry to their clients. They may also need help with drafting documents, creating marketing materials and other content related tasks.

You may also need a background in some type of law to get into this field, but depending on the job, it’s a little easier to jump into than medical.

Once you know your niche you’ll know how to start targeting your searches for potential clients.

There are plenty of industries to become an expert in, but the main focus on finding a niche that sells is to know the demand.

I’ve worked with travel and leisure, lifestyle, news and technology brands, but I have a high focus on tech when searching for new clients because I know I can find a brand that needs content in that field.

So, find your focus and start writing!

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