Self Care Essentials to Keep at Home

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In order to maintain a self care routine, I keep my staple products on hand in my home. Because lives can get busy, it’s easy to neglect yourself. But, I’ve learned that in order to do at least a little self care during a busy time, I keep these self care essentials around.


My steamer is hands down the best way for me to incorporate self care in my daily routines. It’s a 2-in-1 face and hair steamer, so I use it whenever I want to give my hair or face some TLC.

I use the steamer while conditioning my hair to let the conditioner I use really penetrate my curly strands. I sit under the hood until I can’t see the conditioner on my hair anymore. That’s how I know my hair has absorbed all the moisture it’s going to get.

I also use my steamer when I want to give myself a DIY facial. Before applying a face mask, I let the steam hit my face to open my pores. After I wash the mask off and apply moisturizer, I steam my face again to make sure my pores can soak up all the benefits of the products.

The great part about steaming is that I can use it while working if needed. I’ll set up the face steamer while I’m writing or listening to podcasts. I usually steam my hair on wash day but sometimes I like to refresh my hairstyle and I’ll use it to aid in that process.

Aztec Clay

I use Aztec, or Bentonite, Clay for my hair and face self care as well! I use the clay as a face mask and a detoxing mask for my hair.

I like using this clay because it removes toxins without making my face and hair dry. For my face mask, I mix the clay with turmeric, aloe vera gel and almond oil. For my hair mask, I mix the clay with apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel, peppermint oil and almond oil.

The clay is messy, but the benefits of using it are worth it.


I love to light lavender and rose water candles. Having pleasant scents in my home helps me relax and stay calm. Workdays can be stressful, so lighting a candle during or after a long day is a great way to de-stress.

I venture out of my lavender and rose scents sometimes. Trader Joe’s has awesome and cheap seasonal candles that I pick up during my visits. My favorite have been grapefruit and vanilla pumpkin.


I love reading as a form of self care. It allows me to stop looking at harsh blue lights that I’ve been staring at all day and calm my mind by focusing on a story. I keep a lot of unread books in my home so whenever I want to pick up something new, I’ll always have something waiting for me.

I used to read on the Kindle app, but it was becoming harmful because I was staring at a screen. Now, I really try to only read hard copies. I’m not sure why, but I like holding a book over holding my phone or iPad to read. There’s something about a physical copy that I enjoy.

Essential Oils

I use essential oils a lot in my daily routine and self care activities. I moisturize with coconut and almond oil, refresh my hair with diluted peppermint or tea tree oil and mix many oils in my masks.

No matter what self care activity I’m doing, essential oils are used, so I make sure I keep something on hand.

Flowers overlaid with a black background with words that read, "Self care essentials to keep at home."

In order for me to maintain my routine, these self care essentials allow me to have an impromptu or scheduled TLC day. I can usually find all of the products listed at my local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

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