How to Stop Google Analytics from Tracking IP Addresses on Your Blog

So, you’ve set up your Google Analytics account to start tracking how your blog is performing. But, did you know you can obtain the wrong data if you don’t stop the tool from tracking IP addresses?

There are certain IP addresses you want to make sure Google Analytics excludes when collecting information. These addresses can misconstrue the data you need to review and/or share of your blog’s performance.

Why You Should Stop Google Analytics from Tracking IP Addresses

You want to exclude your devices’ IP addresses from Google Analytics.

Since you’ll be on your blog constantly, you don’t want the tool to track how many times you’re navigating around your site. The laptops, phones or tablets you know you’ll use to view your blog needs to be excluded.

You don’t want your sessions to be mixed in with your blog visitors.

How to Find Your IP Address

Type “what’s my IP address” in Google Search and the results will show your public IP address.

A Google search of how to find an IP address in order to plug it into Google Analytics an exclude tracking IP addresses

I do this for my laptop, phone and iPad since they all have different IP addresses that I don’t want to be tracked.

How to Stop Tracking IP Addresses

1.) Login to your Google Analytics
2.) Select Admin
3.) Under Your Account name, select All Filters
4.) Select Add Filter
5.) Name the Filter (I name mine after the device the IP address is from)
6.) Make sure “Predefined” is selected as the Filter Type
7.) Select Filter Type = “Exclude”
8.) Select Source or Destination = “traffic from the IP address”
9.) Select Expression = “that are equal to”
10.) Enter in your IP address in the field box

An image of Google Analytics Filter to exclude tracking IP addresses

11.) Select Save at the bottom of the page

You’re Set!

Once you’ve excluded your IP addresses from this analytics tool, you’ll be able to obtain the most accurate information for your site’s performance!

A laptop with words saying "How to Stop Google Analytics from Tracking IP Addresses on Your Blog"

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