The Truth About Self Care Days

Self care is promoted to help calm a troubled mind, relax, listen to your body and take care of yourself the best way you know how. But, it’s not common to share the tough side of self care. Yes, you can take a calming milk bath to soften your skin or give yourself a scalp massage to release tension from a long day, but let’s get honest in this post, and share the truth about self care days.

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Self Care Days aren’t all about Bubble Baths and Aromatherapy Candles

Self care isn’t just surface level. Yes, taking care of your body is important, but true self care is about taking care of your soul.

Sometimes you need to focus on something tough like emotional traumas, physical ailments or generational curses. A facial won’t help with that. You may need to talk to someone. God. A close friend. A therapist. There’s nothing wrong with opening up to someone when needed.

It’s OK to Ask for Help

Growing up, there was a stigma that “you don’t need therapy, you need the church.” Although faith-based teachings can help, going to a professional can most definitely help where the church can’t.

I’ve been going to therapy since January. I’ve learned that many of the problem-solving, coping mechanisms and emotional resolutions I’ve been using my entire life have been wrong.

Sometimes you need to process your feelings before making a decision instead of suppressing them and moving forward. You may need to learn how to communicate more efficiently in order to resolve conflicts. I learned how to do this efficiently through therapy.

Self Care Days are Truly Essential

Self care days focusing on overcoming personal difficulties can be draining, but are worth it to become your best self.

Enjoy the bubble baths. Take out time for a facial. Cook your favorite meal. But don’t neglect your soul. Reflect, heal and progress. That’s the best care.

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