9 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Congratulations on starting your blog! Now that you’re set up, add these essential WordPress plugins for bloggers.

Bloggers new to WordPress may find all the available plugins a little overwhelming, but I’ve compiled a list of the plugins I use for my site that keep it running smoothly.

These plugins have been fundamental, allowing easier navigation for users, SEO optimization, backups, content organization and more. The integrations aren’t just helpful for bloggers, but anyone running a site through WordPress.

Yoast SEO

Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers - Yoast SEO for everyone

Get found on Google by optimizing your web pages for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yoast SEO is a plugin that evaluates your posts and makes sure you’ve checked all the boxes to be found better in Google’s search engine.

I like this plugin because it does pretty much all the SEO work for you. Just list your targeted keyword, write your content and allow Yoast to evaluate it. Is your keyword in your header? Do you have enough outbound links? Did you fill out your meta description? Yoast will let you know! Yoast SEO is hands-down one of the best essential WordPress plugins for bloggers.


ConvertKit email marketing for creators

ConvertKit has a plugin that embeds your forms and landing pages into WordPress effortlessly. I use ConvertKit for my email marketing and I’m relieved that all I have to do to add an opt-in to a post is choose from a dropdown menu.

After creating your opt-in or landing page, head to the bottom of the posts page and select which form you need. It’ll appear on the front page once it’s published. Simple!

Site Kit by Google

Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers - Site Kit by Google - Google's Official WordPress plugin

Site Kit is Google’s official WordPress plugin that can link Google Analytics, AdSense, Tag Manager and more.

This plugin takes out all the copy and pasting of codes into your site that can be confusing. Instead of pasting the unique code Google provides for each platform, Site Kit does it for you. It also shows stats in your dashboard!

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Content Calendar for Blog Posts

Do you have a way to organize your blog posts? If not, try the Editorial Calendar plugin. Editorial Calendar allows you to view which posts you’ve already published in a calendar format. This gives a better visual of your schedule.

You can also view and move around drafts and scheduled posts for better organization. I like using this plugin because it’s helpful to see my schedule within WordPress instead of having to move between the CMS and my other content management platform.


Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers - Smush - Compress, Optimize and Lady Load Images

Large images can slow your blog’s loading speed, but with Smush, you don’t have to worry.

Smush compresses and optimizes the images you upload into WordPress to prevent your site from loading large files. Slow websites can be frustrating for users, so any way to keep your loading speed fast is beneficial.

I like using images in my posts, so knowing that I have a tool that will allow me to share the content I want without compromising user ability for my blog is awesome.

Insert Headers and Footers

Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers - Insert Headers and Footers WordPress Plugin

In order to claim my blog on Pinterest, I use the Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

To claim your blog, you have to copy and paste a unique tag into the header of your site. This is where the plugin comes in.

Adding this plugin allows you to easily paste the tag instead of going into your theme editor. One mistake in theme editor can crash your blog, so I totally avoid editing anything in there.

Pinterest is a very engaging social network for bloggers, so adding this tag to claim your blog on the platform is very helpful for checking stats and how well your pins are performing.

Pin It

Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers - Pinterest Pin it button on image hover plugin

The Pin It plugin places a Pinterest pin button over images for readers to add to their account boards.

I like this plugin because it gives readers an easier way to pin my blog posts onto their boards and generate shares. As bloggers know, Pinterest is a platform that can drive a lot of traffic, so giving users the easiest way to add my content to their boards is a great plugin to have.


Jetpack - Security, performance, and site management

Jetpack provides security detail for your blog that can guard against brute-force attacks, spam filtering, unauthorized logins and more. I want to protect my blog from any attack that can harm the site and my readers. Installing Jetpack helps me feel more secure and protects against annoying cybercrime.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is a backup plugin that saves your files and data into cloud storage just in case something goes wrong.

Anything can happen when managing your own website, but with UpdraftPlus I’m able to restore my files easily. You can save your files directly to your Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and other cloud storage platforms which is pretty awesome.

I highly recommend installing any of these plugins for your blog. They’re definitely lifesavers!

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